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Jewel Lens

$20.00 $22.00

The Jewel Lens is a new model that has great potential to be  Cosplay Lens rival.  The coloration is vivid. The coverage is high. The pattern is beautiful. A thick black limbal ring sets off bright and lively colors. The minute spaces in between to showyour natural eye color – providing a VERY different but beautiful effect!

Jewel Blue  is a bright shade of blue like periwinkle.

Jewel  Hazel Brown  is a light gold color.

Jewel Grey is a very pale silver

Jewel Green is just… so VERY GREEN.

Jewel Violet is a deep and rich color that’s oh-so mysterious.

Jewel Pink is sweet and pretty.

Jewel Sienna is a combination of red and  brown  that is absolutely gorgeous.

  • 14.5mm  
  • Vibrant colors
  •  High coverage for maximum coloration (only small amount of natural eye color will show through)
  •  Works well with light or dark colored eyes  
  •  Pattern enhances the vivid coloration
  •   Long wear comfort
  •  Suitable for heroes and villains
  • PLANO (non-graded) ONLY

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