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Crystal Max Lens


​The Crystal Max Series is the upgraded version of the Crystal Lens series. At 14.8mm in size it is sure to catch anyone's attention.  Like the Crystal series it  is designed with a burst of brilliant color around a large clear area around the iris to give the illusion of large pupils. The slight pattern in the center and broken limbal ring gives it a natural look. The overall effect is a wide-eyed, innocent and youthful appearance.  The most attractive feature of these lens are the colors become more vibrant when your eyes look to the side or upwards. See the sample photo to understand what we mean!



  • 14.8mm
  • Suitable for cosplay or daily wear
  • Works best with dark colored eyes to maximize the large pupil effect
  • Works well to enhance natural eye color
  • Comfortable extended wear
  •  PLANO (non-graded) and PRESCRIPTIONS in BLUE/BROWN/GREEN/RED (-0.00/ -0.50/ -0.75/ -1.00/ -1.25/ -1.50/ -1.75/ -2.00/ -2.25/ -2.50/ -2.75/ -3.00/ -3.25/   -3.50/ -3.75/ -4.00/ -4.25/ -4.50/ -4.75/ -5.00/ -5.50/ -6.00/ -6.50
  • GRAY and VIOLET PRESCRIPTIONS in -0.50/ -1.00/ -1.50/ -2.00/  2.50/  -3.00/ -3.50/ -4.00/ -4.50/  -5.00/ -5.50/ -6.00
  •  Different prescriptions per eye is acceptable


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