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(The price listed is for 1 pair of contact lens. Shipping is free)

​Alice and Rabbit's Cosplay Lenses, true to its name, are most suitable for use as part of cosplay ensembles due to the high pigmentation and striking look because of the black limbal ring. Bright and eye-catching in real life, and beautiful on photos.

Ocean Blue is a beautiful brilliant blue like the sea and sky on a summer day.

Golden Hazel Cosplay Lenses are particularly suitable for cosplaying anime characters with yellow or golden eyes, such as Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) or Yoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann). They are bright enough to have a golden yellow hue, but not too fake and potentially scary-looking like plain yellow lenses.

Icy Grey is just as its name implies – a cool toned, relatively light grey. Definitely not your everyday grey lenses which are made to look natural.

Emerald Green is a rich and vibrant green, like fresh leaves.

Amethyst Violet stands out unlike other violet lenses which tend to come out too dark or blend with the natural eye color making the color barely noticeable. You won't have that problem with these lenses.

Pretty Pink is a lovely pastel shade of pink. It almost looks luminous. Definitely different and  definitely kawaii. :D

  • 14.2mm
  •  Vibrant colors
  •  High coverage for maximum coloration (only small amount of natural eye color will show through)
  •  Works well with light or dark colored eyes
  •  Light pattern for a slightly natural look compared to single color lenses
  •  Long wear comfort
  •  Suitable for heroes and villains
  • PLANO (non-graded) and PRESCRIPTIONS (-0.00/ -0.50/ -0.75/ -1.00/ -1.25/ -1.50/ -1.75/ -2.00/ -2.25/ -2.50/ -2.75/ -3.00/ -3.25/   -3.50/ -3.75/ -4.00/ -4.25/ -4.50/ -4.75/ -5.00/ -5.50/ -6.00/ -6.50/ -7.00/ -7.50/ -8.00/ -8.50/ -9.00/ -9.50/ -10.00)
  •  Different prescriptions per eye is acceptable

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